Tuesday, February 28, 2012

2/28/12 written Sunday 2/26/12 cont. snow and names...

It snowed last week sort of heavy, with big flakes. Then it rained. A few days later it snowed with small light flakes that never made it to the ground. There was a light breese that blew them all around. Between the two snows we had about an inch of snow. It must have rained last night, the snow is all gone. It is the end of February and we haven't had a good snow yet. we shoveled once this year. We have had a decent amount of rain.

We were working on names for our Blog last night. Here are some that we thought of but didn't like: "is this a bad haircut?", "We found the remote" and "I'm texting your dog". Then it all broke down into all silliness.

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