Friday, February 17, 2012

2/17/12 written Sunday 2/12/12 cont. homework, snow and Valentines Day...

Maggie turned in the rough draft of her paper on Friday. She was relieved to have it done. I think that the final project is due this month. Maggie thinks that it is due in March.

It snowed about two inches last week. Just enough so that we have snow on the grass, but all of the roads are cleared.

Valentines Day is this week. My kids are in college and high school now so we don't get the packs of cards for them to give out at school. When Beth was in the seventh grade she took in cards and gave them to her friends, but she was in junior high, so there was no party.

I miss having young kids, the Valentines Day parties, the Halloween costumes. Kids are always so excited about everything.

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