Saturday, February 4, 2012

2/4/12 written Wenesday 2/1/12 moving furniture and mission trip meeting...

Maggie and Beth share a room now. So far it is working out well. The girls moved the rooms themselves. Since they didn't want any help, I moved the boxes in the basement so that they aren't in front of the shoe shelf. We need to sort through the shoes on the shelf and have the kids get rid of everything that doesn't fit. It will be nice to get all of the extra shoes out of the kitchen and onto the shoe shelf.

We went to the mission trip meeting at church. There were a lot of kids there. The meeting was about how to raise money for the trip, what the kids would see and do on the trip and they had time for the families to ask questions. It looked very organized to me. They did say that everyone should go with an open mind because sometimes plans do change. If the supplies don't show up or if they had planned on an outside project and it starts to rain, everything changes. They said that everyone needs to be ready to make an adjustment without complaining. The girls each saw someone that they knew at the meeting. I was glad about that since we are still so new to the church.

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