Monday, February 6, 2012

2/6/12 written Wednesday 2/1/12 cont. kids household jobs and maps on the dining room table...

The kids switched household jobs again, since this is the first of the month. William is now the laundry person, Maggie has dishes for the first half of the month and Beth is on break. It was tough for Maggie to do homework and the dishes last month (we do have a dishwasher), but she got through it.

We have a map of the world on our dining room table. There is a big sheet of clear plastic over it. (I like the plastic from the painting areas at the store. They are big, thick and inexpensive) The corners of the plastic are taped down around the under side of the table so that the map and plastic stays in place. When we first started doing this we had a map of our town on the table. We put it there at about the same time that we started using a map to see where all of the play areas were in town (see post from two days ago).Now we have a map of the world. I currently sit by California. William is by Russia. Maggie sits by the North Pole and Beth sits by the South Pole. I would like to put a map of the Universe on the table, but I haven't found a cheap one. The map of the world is useful. If we hear something on the news about another country, we can find it on the map.

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