Thursday, March 1, 2012

3/1/12 written Wednesday 2/29/12 rolling duffle bags, holidays, family trees and gum project...

Maggie took her rolling duffel bag to school today. She was very happy with it. But...she did say that it was loud and it was hard to roll in the grass. She has now started using the sidewalks.

I went to the store the other day. The stores have out their St. Patricks Day and Easter items. They also have their Valentines Day things on sale.

We got more pushpins so that we could update the family tree in the dining room. When we first started it, it looked cool. Now it just looks wrong. Three pictures tacked up on the a spot where three pictures without frames wouldn't normally be. We need to add more names and pictures. Then it will start to look like a family tree.

Beth is doing a project for school. They had to pick an invention and do a PowerPoint presentation on it. She chose chewing gum. I think that Beth said that it was invented by a man who was inventing something for rubber tires. He wondered what the rubber would taste like so he put some in his mouth. He realized that if he added flavoring it would be a great product. He called his invention "Black Jack" gum. He was very adventurous with what he would eat.

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