Wednesday, February 8, 2012

2/8/12 written Sunday 2/5/12 cont. foreign languages...

The kids are required now to take a foreign language in college. We don't know any foreign languages. Maggie and Beth both took spanish in grade school. At home, for a while, we were playing a CD of Chinese language lessons while we ate dinner. I had hoped that we would learn some Chineese from it. We didn't. We also tried to learn Morse code. I don't think that the kids could take this in college, but it was fun. It is dots and dashes. I took a piece of writing paper and put an "A" on it and the Morse code for "A" under it and taped it to the wall. We found the code in the encyclopedia. The next week I hung up the paper for "B". After the kids learned all of them I was going to give them treasure hunts using Morse Code. I know that Morse Code isn't often used, but any time that they are learning it is good. We didn't finish learing the whole alphabet because we were going to move and they had to come off of the wall.

We have also tried to learn sign language. At one of the teacher supply stores we got a sign language poster. We have it in the dining room. Some of the kids picked up the alphabet very quickly. I am trying really hard with it. We need to start learning it again, this would be a good choice for a college class.

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