Sunday, February 12, 2012

2/12/12 written Sunday 2/5/12 cont. Morse Code...

Since I was writing about Morse Code, it seamed like a good idea to start learning it again. I got some notebook paper and cut the sheets in half and put one letter and it's symbol on each sheet. I also wrote up the numbers. The letter "A" is now hanging on the dining room wall. It's symbol is "._" The rest of the pages are in my room. The goal is to put up one new letter a week. The kids can tell me if that is too fast or slow.

This is the first picture added to the blog! Very exciting!!!  
I don't have any plans for after church today. It would be nice to lay out my clothes for next week The kids get their clothes together each weekend, but sometimes I don't get to it. About two weeks ago, on the weekend, I got my clothes together and planned the meals. The next week was so nice. It is always such a relief to have some things done ahead, but sometimes I just don't get to it.

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