Monday, February 13, 2012

2/13/12 written Wednesday 2/8/12 new blog name coming soon...

Happy Valentines Day!!!

We are trying to find a new name for this Blog. I would like to name it something that doesn't have a name in it. Most people either have cute names or names that describe what they write about, like "Frugal Mom" or Circus Life". We are trying to re-name it as a family but we can't come to any agreement. We have thought of a few names like "this is how we grow" and "are we there yet?", but we all don't like any of them. If anyone has some suggestions for a name, that are "G" rated and describes our blog, please comment them.

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Desarei said...

How about:

Carnival of Life
Dream Catchers
Safaris and Savannahs (kind of like your family is the Safari team and the world is your "savannah")