Friday, February 10, 2012

2/10/12 written Sunday 2/5/12 cont. family tree and updating the calendar...

We haven't done anything with the family tree on the dining room wall lately. Maggie has printed her family tree from the computer.What we should do is write the names and relationships on papers and hang them up. The reason that we stopped is that we didn't have any pictures of the next generation. We could hang up names and when we get pictures we can add them in. This would keep the project moving.

We need to get a back-up ink for our printer. Since Maggie has a big project due this month we will be using a lot of ink.

I need to finish updating the calendar. It was started at the end of December.The appointments have been added, but the repetitive events are not on it yet. I need to go through it again, month by month, looking at last years calendar and finish it. Also the dinner jobs need to be written in the corner. Their dinner jobs are, napkins, silverware and drinks. The kids keep the job for a month and then switch. They are written on the corner of each month of the calendar because we can't remember each month who has what job, much less to remember them day to day. My dinner job each day is to make dinner.The kids do help make dinner now and then.

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