Thursday, February 16, 2012

2/16/12 written Sunday 2/12/12 Morse Code...

We talked about learning Morse code last night at dinner. William had nothing to say about it, wheather he would learn it or not. Maggie is ready to learn it. She goes over each time that she sees another letter up and begins to memorize it. Beth says that her life is already full enough with school and friends. She is not learning it. She can do all of the sign language letters by memory. Beth says that this is enough. We now have the letter "C" up. I am still trying to learn the letter "A".

William noticed that if we have the family tree up on one wall and the Morse Code on another wall, he doesn't think that it will all fit. He thinks that I should put all of the Morse Code on one paper and be done with it. It would be quicker and take up less room.. I said that if the Morse Code starts to take up too much room we can always re-write it to one sheet.. I like having one letter go up each week, it gives us time to absorb it.

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