Sunday, February 19, 2012

2/19/12 written Wednesday 2/15/12 yearbooks, candy bars and Valentines Day...

Maggie's school is pre-selling yearbooks. She is taking in the money tomorrow. She will keep the receipt. In junior high one year, they didn't record that she had paid for a yearbook and they didn't have any extras. Luckily we had the receipt, so Maggie did get one. Beth's school hasn't said anything about yearbooks yet.

The girls and I are selling candy bars to pay for the girl's mission trip to New Orleans this summer. Sales are going slowly, but we are still trying. We have a few more months to keep selling.

For Valentines Day yesterday, we bought pizza and watched "Lord of the Rings" while we ate. I know that it was a school night, but one night in front of the T.V. won't hurt. Our church is having a retreat this weekend. I am not going on the retreat, but I am hoping to go Saturday night to help.

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