Tuesday, February 14, 2012

2/14/12 written Wednesday 2/8/12 cont. thesis statements and Morse Code...

Maggie talked to a teacher today about her thesis statement for her project. The teacher had told her yesterday that her thesis statement was a statement and not something that needed to be prooven. Her thesis statement needs to be something that she prooves. The first rough draft is due this Friday. Today she had a chance to talk to the teacher and fix her statement. Her paper needs to be six pages long. Maggie has started to write the paper even though the thesis statement problem needs to be worked out.

The kids noticed the Morse Code "A" on the wall at dinner the other day. They weren't excited. They asked why it was on the wall. They said "Didn't we learn this already?" I said that we had only gotten a few letters into the alphabet when we took them down to sell the house. The kids don't want to learn Morse Code on purpose, but if the letters are on the wall, maybe the kids will learn Morse code by just seeing it all of the time. I would like to learn this language too. Sometimes I teach the kids things, but I don't really learn it. With this, when I walk past the letters, I am going to make an effort to say the letter and the symbol each week.

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