Thursday, January 12, 2012

Wednesday 1/4/12 Finding the Bible study house...

Our evening has revolved around high school age kids. Tonight is Bible study for Maggie and Beth. Maggie's group meets at the church. Beth's meets at someones house. We tried in December to find the house. We couldn't find it. We had a street name and a house number, but no phone to call and get more directions. Today we had a street name, a house number, a street that it was by, the high school that it is by, a phone number and a working phone. We still got lost. We found it on the map before we left the house. We were in the correct neighborhood the last time. It took about five texts and five phone calls, but we found the house.
When the kids need to to get directions to someplace new, it is always an adventure trying to find it.

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Cheryl Roth said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, I'm visiting back. Good luck! Cheryl