Saturday, January 14, 2012

Saturday 1/7/12 taking down the Christmas decorations...

We took the Christmas tree down today. We brought the plastic bin and the Christmas tree box into the living room. We wanted to put the lights on the bottom of the box, because they are the heaviest, but they come off of the tree last. So, we took all of the ornaments off of the tree and put them on the couch, then we took off all of the lights. Somehow, no one sat on any of the ornaments. We put the lights then the ornaments into the box.We also have some Christmas stockings around the house and some of the kids Christmas artwork from grade school around the house too. These all went into the box. The most breakable ornaments went into egg cartons...this idea came from the K-Love radio station Everything fit into the box except for the wreath that we hang outside. After the Christmas tree box and the plastic container of lights and decorations was carried into the basement we started finding ornaments that had been knocked aside. Some had fallen off of the tree on their own, some the cat had started taking down. The living room looks so empty now.


Yasmin @ alittlelessfluff said...

The cat is quite clever to start taking them down on its own.
Don't worry though, the way time flies, before you know it you'll be bringing that box upstairs once again. ;)

Desarei said...

My daughter took our tree down about a week after Christmas. She had to make room for the dog kennel. One of our dogs is pregnant =)

Warmest thoughts,

Anonymous said...

Hi Joyce,
Its Misty from Nordyke Academy..
You left a comment on our blog about shoveling snow. My house now echos from it being empty after taking decorations down in the front room. I took them down on the 3rd. Our front room / dining room is only used for eating breakfast,dinner and homeschool.So I know what you mean..
Hey I just wanted to let you know fYI
that Google Connect is going to be removing their follow button.. so you might want to look into networked blogs. I just posted about it on my blog.I would love to be a follower. God bless & have a wonderful evening ♥

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

We took down our decorations since the 3rd. We are renovating our home, so we wanted to get things packed away soon. :)

I'm your newest follower, found your blog via a link on another blog. Looking forward to reading more. :)


Anonymous said...

The egg carton is a great idea. Keeping the Christmas tree after a festive season always seem like a chore and has a longing feeling to it. Same for me when I keep the tree after Christmas and when I take down Chinese New Year decorations as well.