Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sunday 1/1/12 cont. volunteering...

I hope that we can start volunteering at church soon. We have the phone number of who to call to get signed up. The lady that I talked to today said that if we brought a different person with us each week, it would be OK, they could help too. We are at a big church and they do background checks before people can volunteer with the kids. The friend that we bring wouldn't have a background check done.
We need to join the church too. There is a packet of information to read over to be sure that we agree with the teachings of the church. We all need to look it over and decide if we are going to make a commitment to the church.
It is slightly rainy today and about 40 deg. F. Tomorrow we should get one to three inches of snow and it should be about 20 deg. F.
Yesterday we watched ''Mr. Magiriam's Wonder Emporium''.

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