Monday, January 16, 2012

Saturday 1/7/12 cont. shopping with Christmas money and school projects...

Yesterday the girls wanted to stop at the store to spend some of their Christmas money. Maggie wanted K'nex, she builds with them. They are plastic and they snap together. Beth wanted a memory card for her phone. Maggie didn't get the K'nex. The sets cost more than she had. Also, they were kits to build specific things, like roller coasters or Ferris wheels. She wanted generic pieces. Maggie ended up getting two puzzles. Maggie has a big project due in a month or two for English? Social Studies? for National History Day. She is going to make a web page for her project. We were going to go to the library this weekend to get books, but we forgot. We will try to go next weekend. She is not sure when the first rough draft is due. When they were young they used to tell me when projects were due...sometimes. Now there isn't as much information coming home. It is probably better this way, because when they are in college they will need to be able to handle the work on their own. But it does worry me. The colleges will look at their high school grades, so they need to be their best...but at the same time, they need to learn to handle their work themselves (I am always here if they need me). It is a tough balance.

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