Saturday, January 7, 2012

Sunday 12/18/11 cont. Shoe shelves and snow...

I would like to get everything moved from in front of the shoe shelf. The kids and I can't use the shelf until we can get to it. I would like to get four rubber mats for the kitchen and tell everyone that they must keep their shoes on their mat. Any extra shoes need to be kept in the basement. I don't think that all of the water that comes into the house in the winter is good for the kitchen floor. The rubber mats would either be like the mats that dishes are dried on, or like small car mats, the winter kind that absorb water.
We had a dusting of snow last week. It was pretty. The ground is still warm so the snow only stuck on the grass and trees, not on the streets or sidewalks. It is about thirty-five deg. F today. I heard that next week it will get up to forty deg. F. I am ready for spring.
I haven't started making my New Year's resolutions yet this year. Some years I have lists of things that I want to do or change, but this year seems to be a little more quiet or settled... maybe because the kids are older.
The kids don't make New Years resolutions, that I know about. They say that they are happy with themselves the way that they are.

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