Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sunday 1/8/12 cont. moving boxes, sprouting centerpieces and puzzles...

My goal...again...this next week is to move the boxes in the basement from in front of the shoe shelf. Maybe the boxes will get moved, or maybe I will just write about this every week.

At Thanksgiving we had a cutting from the blackberry bush and another bush as our centerpiece. We also had a glass container of pine cones. The blackberry bush cutting has sprouted a root.

Maggie has one of her puzzles partway together. It is a cartoon of a lot of office people in their cubicles.

I think that it is only about four more months until spring.

I didn't do any of my weekend jobs this weekend. Tonight I need to match my clothes.

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tiffany elkins said...

Sometimes its just easier to plan, lol. Im your newest follower'-)