Thursday, January 26, 2012

posted 1/26/12 written Sunday 1/12/12 cont. posters and baked goods...

One of Maggie's teachers took some of the maps out of his National Geographic magazines and gave them to Maggie. She has started to hang them in her room. Some of the maps are three feet by three feet so her walls are starting to become completely covered. Beth has pictures of celebrities on her walls and William's walls don't have any posters. It is OK that the kids have posters up but when we move they will need to come down. People like to see what the walls look like.

Beth needs to take in a baked good to school on Tuesday and one on Wednesday this week. She is going to make brownies. On the first day they are having a baked sale. On the second day a friend is leaving to go to another school.

The calendar for next week is blank. Nothing going on. There is so much opportunity there to do so much, or to do nothing and rest.

We got home tonight from the kids concert at church and watched "Once Upon a Time".

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At Sixes & Sevens said...

I love National Geographic maps!