Monday, January 2, 2012

Thursday 12/15/11 Wisdom teeth out tomorrow and weekend plans...

Maggie gets her wisdom teeth out tomorrow. She is excited. The teeth hurt. She will miss school tomorrow. The surgery isn't until 12:30 but she can't have anything to eat or drink that morning. The doctor said that if she went to school for the morning, there would be too much of a temptation to get a drink from the drinking fountain. The doctor said that it would be best if she could just stay home.
We bought ice cream for Maggie to have after the surgery and we will get her some applesauce too. They said that cold soft foods are best at first. Later she can have warm, soft foods. We already have pudding. We also got some movies from the library.
If Maggie heals fast, we need to do some Christmas things this weekend. We still need to color our ornament and have the kids make Christmas cards for other people. The kids give Christmas cards to people instead of giving gifts. When they were little, I wrote the cards and they colored on them. Later they could sign their name and draw a picture. Now, they can do the whole card. We also need to make cookies. We want to make Buckeyes first. I think that the Buckeyes are peanut butter mixed with powdered sugar. They are shaped into small balls and frozen. Then the chocolate is melted in a double boiler and the peanut butter balls are dunked in almost to the top. They are dried on waxed paper or Saran wrap.

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