Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sunday 12/18/11 cont. Buckeyes and Christmas ornaments...

On Saturday we started the Buckeye cookies. Maggie and Beth mixed the peanut butter with the butter and powdered sugar. Then they formed them into small balls and put them on trays covered in Saran Wrap (so that they wouldn't stick to the tray). We put all of the trays into the freezer to harden. Next all four of us made Christmas ornaments. We had wooden ornaments with a hole punched in the top. We color them with magic markers and put our initials and the year on the back. Later all four of us finished the cookies. It seems strange to write that all four of us did the ornaments and cookies. Usually we have one person that doesn't want to participate. For the ornaments, we color one for that person and put their initials on it. The next year when we decorate the tree, as we put on ornaments that were made by us, we show the person the ornament and say something like, "this was yours from last year." When the ornaments are shown that the person didn't do, they spend a bit of time looking at the ornament and trying to remember coloring it . They can't remember because they didn't color it, so they say, "wow, I don't remember coloring that one". We always guess that it is one that we did for that person.
We finished the cookies. We melted the chocolate chips in a double boiler...the recipe says to add paraffin wax. I can't put wax into something that we will eat, so we leave it out. What the wax does, I have heard, is to keep the chocolate on the peanut butter. Our chocolate does run off, so there is a big base under the peanut butter ball. But it still tastes the same. We took the trays of peanut butter balls out of the freezer and, using toothpicks, we put them into the melted chocolate, almost covering the peanut butter completely. Next they were put back onto the Saran Wrap covered trays to dry.
We had Christmas music on when we did all of these Christmas things, and movies playing the rest of the time.

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Sue Santore said...

I don't put wax in my candy either, for the same reason as you. I use a tablespoon of shortening, instead.