Monday, January 9, 2012

Monday 12/26/11 cont. Christmas presents and calendars...

The kids Christmas presents are still in the living room. I hope that they leave the presents there, it is such a fun, Christmas-y look. It reminds me of the fun when everyone was here at Christmas.
The kids are off of school next week. Beth has a lot of math to do over the vacation.
We finally have a calendar for 2012. I need to sit down with the new one and the 2011 one and write in all of the important dates. We write in birthdays and other big days like Thanksgiving. Then I put a note one or two weeks before the holiday that has a reminder of what needs done for that event. Like'' buy Thanksgiving food''. If we are extra busy with homework or life, it is good to have that note on the calendar ahead of time. I write notes ahead for all of the events...birthdays, holidays, school starting, etc. We also put garbage day on the calendar. Last year our garbage day would move out one day if there was a holiday. This year it is back to the same day every week...I think. Also, every other week the recycling is picked up.
We usually keep the Christmas tree up for a few weeks after Christmas. The tree is so pretty. I love to have the lights on when we are at home.We left the ornaments off of the bottom two rows of the tree this year, so that the cat wouldn't get them.

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