Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Sunday 12/18/11 Taking Maggie's wisdom teeth out...

Maggie got her wisdom teeth out. It went really well. It took about a half hour total to pull all four teeth. They took both of us into the room that she was going to have them pulled in. She sat in the patient chair. They asked her name and grade, to make sure that they had the correct patient. As they asked questions, they hooked up three or four heart beat monitors, one on each arm, and one on her ankle. They also put a temperature strip on her forehead. This took about ten minutes. Then the doctor came in and looked at her x-ray and talked to us for a minute...just to say that it looked like there would be no complications because the teeth had not grown in too far. Then they had me go to the waiting room. About ten minutes later they came back for me. Everything had gone well. Maggie was in a recovery room, sitting up and looking very groggy. They gave me directions of what to do at home...how to rinse the mouth, when to start the medicine, pain medicine and antibiotics. She was groggy on the way home. We already had the pain medicine and antibiotics prescriptions filled and we had the ice cream, apple sauce and pudding, so we could go straight home. We also had some library movies.
Maggie watched movies and ate ice cream and apple sauce for the rest of the day. The next day she was allowed to brush her teeth and she felt well enough to eat regular foods. I am so relieved that it went well.

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