Tuesday, January 31, 2012

1/31/12 written Wednesday 1/18/12 cont. shoveling...

We went outside to shovel snow yesterday. It took a while even though we have a very small drive, because we had a snowball fight and then threw shovels of snow at each other. We had to keep re-shoveling each spot.

There is one empty house on our street. I sent the girls over to shovel their sidewalk and the front part of their drive. Then the house won't look abandoned.They also walked through the yard a few times, it just looked too abandoned.

William likes to do all of the finishing work when we shovel. When we get done he will go back and scrape all of the way to the cement. Sometimes the girls do that too, but not today. I like to do enough to get the car in the garage and then let the sun melt the rest.

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