Sunday, January 8, 2012

Monday 12/26/11 Christmas day and thank-yous...

Merry Christmas!!! We had a good Christmas. We got up on time this year, so we were able to make breakfast. Maggie helped me make breakfast first, then Beth helped later. My mom and brother showed up at eight am. We used to have the Mary and Joseph figures finish their trip through the house and go to the manger scene and we would add baby Jesus on Christmas morning. We have stopped doing that. It was fun when the kids were young. When we set up the Christmas tree we had Mary and Joseph start out in the kitchen. Each night they would be moved closer to the manger scene. Sometimes we forgot and had to move them farther the next day. One year we forgot completely and they had to make the whole trip on Christmas morning...there was a lot of homework that year. Then after the manger scene is all together, and baby Jesus has been brought in, we read a short passage from the Bible, usually from the book of Luke. Then we open presents. I know some families that make a birthday cake and sing Happy Birthday to Jesus, but we don't do that.
Christmas is a lot easier now that the girls don't get as many dolls. The dolls were always tied so tightly to the boxes. One year Christmas just stopped while we got the dollies out of the boxes. The next year, I went out early and unattached the dolls from the boxes. That Christmas went so much smoother. As the kids open presents I keep a list of who got what from whom. Not from Santa, but from other people. This makes writing thank-yous so much easier. When the kids were little, I wrote the thank-you, and the kids drew a picture on it. Now they can write their own thank-yous. We try to get them written the day after Christmas.

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