Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thursday 9/25/08 tempered glass and long tests...

I called the rest of the local companies today to get the price of a piece of tempered glass for our solar oven. The last company that I called had a piece of glass that they were throwing away and they said that we could have it for free...the other companies were charging between 36 and 65 dollars. The lady said that we could pick it up today. She gave me brief directions. I didn't get the address from the phone book, or look it up on the Internet. It was in an area where we had lived and I thought that I could find it from the directions. The girls and I drove across town and couldn't find it. I called, but they had their answering machine on. I hope that they don't get rid of it, I can call them and pick it up tomorrow.
After looking for the glass company, the girls and I went to pick up William. He didn't come out at the normal time. We waited a half hour and went into where he usually sits to see if he was there. He wasn't. We waited another fifteen minutes. No William. Is he hurt, and he didn't have any ID on him to have me called? Is he in the library? I thought about a lot of things. Finally we went to the security building. They said that no one had gotten hurt that day or had been taken to the hospital. I said that we hadn't seen William, were going home to see if there were any messages, and would be right back. At home there were no messages. We were ready to go back to the college when William called and said that he had had a test that had taken him a long time to do. I was so relieved. We went back to get him.

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