Monday, September 8, 2008

Monday 9/8/08 projects...

We need to finish some of our projects. OK...I need to get the items so that we can finish some of our projects. First we need to finish our solar oven. We have the plywood and the inner tube. We need the Plexiglas (which we are substituting for the glass) and a black pan. The inner tube goes on the plywood and the Plexiglas goes on top, holding the heat inside the center of the inner tube, and the black pan absorbs the heat. We have found a store to get the Plexiglas from, and most stores sell black pans. Our second project is the solar panel. We got stuck on the converter. It is the part that goes in between the solar panel and the radio. It converts the energy from the sun to electricity. We need to find a small, cheap one. Boaters and RVers use solar panels, so a good place to look would be boating and RV stores. It will be good to get these first two projects done, so that we can go onto something else.

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