Saturday, September 27, 2008

Saturday 9/27/08 window shopping...

The girls went to the amusement park today, so William and I got to spend the day together. It is always fun to see what interests my kids.
We dropped the girls off at the church and then went to the library so that William could get a magazine article for his class. Next we went home for lunch. After lunch, we went to the mall to see the graphics on a new type of computer game, I think that it is called Blue Ray. The picture is computer generated, but it almost looks like live people, not cartoons. It is almost scary how close it is to real life. William also wanted to go to the bookstore on the other side of the mall. As we walked over to the other store, we stopped at a few stores along the way that sold electronic things, like robots and glasses that have television screens in them so that people can watch a DVD on them. Next we went to the bookstore. We looked at books for a while and then William bought a book. After we left the mall we went to the computer store to look at computer games. Last we got William a haircut. It was an exciting day.

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