Monday, September 8, 2008

Monday 9/8/08 growing up...

Life goes on each day. The normal occurrences happen. We laugh together, we have dinner, we read at night, we fold clothes and play with friends. Then one day we look up and everyone is older. They have all moved into the next group. They are ready and capable. William needed an e-mail address to sign up for scholarships. Maggie turns thirteen this week, and Beth is done with Junior Church (when the grade school kids leave the service at church and go and do a craft or hear a Bible story for kids) she will stay with us during the whole service now. There aren't any tiny kids in my house any more. There are nice things about having older kids, there are no more bottles and everyone sleeps all night. I am glad that the kids are growing up, but I do miss having little ones, who need to hold my hand, and want to be at home. It is a joy to see the kids test their abilities and do well. I will need another hobby to fill up more of my free time.

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