Monday, September 22, 2008

Monday 9/22/08 Kids and winter...

I have started washing the blankets so that they will be ready when it gets cold. They must be taken to the laundromat, they are too big for my machine.
I made a list Saturday morning of the things that need done before winter gets trying on winter jackets...and then I managed not to do anything on the list. I did get some of the weekend jobs making lunches...maybe next week I can look at the list again.
Beth got a lot of hair clips this weekend. She needs to practice using them before she wears them to school. So...Beth is putting them into her dolls hair.
Maggie is almost finished with her two new books. We may need to go back to the library in the next few days. She has decided to get longer books. Maybe it would be better for Maggie to get three longer books.
The leaves have started to turn colors. Since the big tree in our front yard is gone, we won't have many leaves to rake this year.

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