Monday, September 29, 2008

Monday 9/29/08 playing board games after ice cream...

After dinner tonight the kids were joking around and wanted to know if they could have desert. We don't usually (or ever) have desert. There is nothing wrong with having desert. I just can't remember to buy it or make it. I knew that we had some ice cream left they they didn't know I said yes. They were so surprised. We had some Rockey Road and some Mint Chocolate Chip, and four kinds of toppings and peanuts. There wasn't much ice cream, but enough to make us happy. We ate and passed around the toppings, and had a great time. Just before we started dinner, it started to rain. We decided to play board games this evening. This wasn't the best choice after ice cream, but it was fun. We played a few games of "Guess Who?" and then played "Blockus". The ice cream was in full force by the time that we got to "Blockus". (It is a fun game even if we haven't eaten ice cream.) The girls kept making their pieces into designs, Maggie likes to make flowers and Beth likes to make squares. We found one piece that looked like an antelope. We did manage to finish one game. It was a riot. Now and then it is fun to do something different.

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