Monday, September 1, 2008

Monday 9/1/08 holiday goal list...

I had a goal for my free time over the Labor Day weekend. I was going to write some thoughts down for future blogs. It was a nice goal and very simple. It didn't work. On Friday night I started a list of things to do over the weekend so that we wouldn't forget anything. Writing was on the list, as well as things, match outfits, make sandwiches, etc. and really big goals that I want to do like clean out my closet. We did do the necessary ones, like match the outfits and make lunches, but then we started to play and do other things that were never on the list. We did weed the backyard and fill the bird feeder. I need my list, it helps me stay directed, but sometimes I don't finish it. Maybe next weekend I can look at this list again...or maybe I will make a new one.

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