Monday, September 1, 2008

Monday 9/1/08 birthday presents...

Beth and her friend across the street exchanged birthday gifts last weekend. Their birthday's aren't for a couple of months, but they had their gifts for each other so they exchanged early. Beth gave posters and pictures of movie stars from a magazine and she received a statue of a bird, over a nest. The nest is open on top so that items can be put on it...the nest looks like a gourd with holes in it for the bird to go in to make a nest. I think that it is ceramic. Beth wanted help to decide what to put in the nest...not a necklace or a toy, but something that says ''I'm older now''. I suggested marbles, to look like eggs. She said no, she wanted something that said that she was growing up. We decided on a list of things that Beth wants to do when she gets older: future goals, like driving and going out with friends. This idea made her happy.

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