Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday 9/15/08 homework and solar ovens...

William and Maggie had homework tonight. William has a lot of homework and Maggie had a little. I think that William was doing Accounting...he was in his room so I didn't see the book...and Maggie needed to look up the definitions to her vocabulary words. Beth didn't have any homework.
I started to call around to find tempered glass for our solar oven. We decided that Plexiglas wouldn't let in enough sunlight, and we didn't want regular glass, so I am calling around to see if tempered glass will be more unbreakable, but let the light in.We measured the inner tube. If we get a glass that is about three feet square, it will be more than big enough.We still need to cut the plywood...we have a large piece of plywood in the garage...and get a black pan.

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