Saturday, September 13, 2008

Saturday 9/13/08 amusements and libraries..

The girls were going to the amusement park today. This morning they packed their lunches in paper bags. Beth wanted her hair up, to keep her growing bangs out of her eyes. So we did two french braids on top. Maggie likes her hair down. They put on suntan lotion. was raining. It had rained last night. We live a few hours from the amusement park, so we didn't want to guess that the park was closed. William came with us to drop off the girls. He needed to go to the library. When we got to our church, they said that the trip was cancelled. The forecast was for rain all day. They would reschedule the trip. Everyone took it well. The girls wanted to know if they could eat their lunches now. We all went to the library. While William found his books, the girls read Garfield books and I read a magazine. It did stop raining this afternoon.

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