Thursday, December 15, 2011

Wednesday 9/28/11 cont. School pictures, conferences and shaving...

Maggie had picture day last week, Beth's is next week, but we don't have her order form yet. Maggie has parent / teacher conferences tomorrow. She is in high school. We have an appointment time with the homeroom teacher. Then we can go see the other teachers as they have openings.
It is raining sort of hard. It has rained a lot this week. The tomato plant and the beans haven't needed watered in a long time.
Saturday 10/1/11 William shaved last night!!! He did an excellent job. This was his first time shaving at home. He said that he would shave once a month. In the past we have been having his beard trimmed when he got his hair cut. Last night was a clean shave.

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