Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Tuesday 9/13/11 School pictures and volunteering...

The order forms for school pictures are starting to come in now. Maggie brought hers home today. I have always tried to treat the kids equally, but school pictures are now the exception. The girls go to different schools, so they have different choices, and William doesn't get school pictures at all, because he is in college. I would love to get a family picture, but William says that he won't go with us.
Tonight William's class got out on time. He had gotten his homework done during class. Maggie has a spelling test tomorrow. She had a small amount of homework tonight. Beth also had a small amount of homework. So far everyone is doing OK in school.
We need to get our volunteer hours done soon...before it gets cold out. Maggie needs 12 volunteer hours this semester. Last year we waited until the week before they were due to finish. It was difficult to find places to volunteer in the winter. We could have gone to the parks, but decided that that would be too cold. We ended up volunteering at the Food Bank and at church. A lot of places that we called said they needed volunteers in the summer, but didn't have any need in the winter. We all go together to volunteer. Sometimes we take a friend with us. My car can only hold 5 people, so we can only take one friend.
The leaves are starting to turn colors and fall. I am not ready for cold weather.

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