Thursday, December 8, 2011

12/8/11 Christmas tree...

We put the Christmas tree up last weekend.The boxes of decorations were in the basement. Every time that something was needed in the basement, everything is re-arranged. After a while the boxes get turned around and moved to different locations.When we needed the boxes this year, none could be seen. I went through the whole basement, sorting and moving and combining boxes until all of the Christmas decorations had been found.
Putting up the tree was fun. The kids helped. We had the local radio station playing Christmas music. Always in the past the tree has leaned so much that we had to tie it to two chairs to get it to stand up. Then we put blankets over the make it look more normal. We don't want the ropes in the Christmas pictures. Then...sometimes from the living room...we would hear someone call out "tree..." and we would all run into the room to help keep the tree up and re-secure it. This year we must have found the correct base. The tree is up straight, and it isn't tied to any chairs. I am going to give the other bases to Goodwill. We are keeping the rope behind the tree...just in case. I have found a green storage box to put the decorations into at the end of the season. Next year should go very smoothly

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