Friday, December 16, 2011

Sunday 10/16/11 A new home for the chickens...

We found a new home for the chickens. William and I took the chickens to their new home today. We couldn't fit all four of us and the chickens into the car. We loaded the chickens into a cardboard box, with a garbage bag under it to protect the seat, and a towel on top to keep it dark. They didn't fuss too much on the car ride. The new place is more in the country and has a larger area for them to run. The family already has about seven chickens. They have a coop and an enclosed outside run area. They also have about an acre or two that is fenced that the chickens are sometimes let out to play in.
They said that they will keep them in the coop and enclosed area for a few days, so that my chickens can learn where home is. Then they will come back there at night and lay their eggs there each day.
It rained today so we didn't take apart their outside chicken run. We had had the chickens for about a year.

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