Sunday, December 11, 2011

Saturday 9/17/11 Duct tape and styrofoam...

Beth needed duct tape. She has a three ring binder at school that is falling apart. She wants to tape it back together instead of replacing it. We got her some tape at the store today. They have a good selection of colors and designs. When I was young, it only came in gray.
William put styrofoam in the opening to the attic and in the two vents for the crawl space. He measures the openings and cuts the styrofoam. This keeps more of the heat in the house for the winter. We checked the boiler today to make sure that it worked. It does. I try to check it before it is needed, then if there is a problem we have time to schedule a repair before winter. Last year it didn't work. The motor needed to be replaced. The pipes should be bled before we start using it, then the water that is drained out won't be so hot.

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