Monday, December 12, 2011

Sunday 9/18/11 grass, a night off and basement cleaning...

William cut the grass today. It was warm today. We went for a walk without a jacket.The grass in peoples yards had just been cut. There was still grass clippings lying in the rows.
This week should be easier. We are getting William's alergy shot on Tuesday instead of Monday. That means that we will have Monday evening off.

My next project needs to be cleaning out the basement. When we were going to move a year or two ago, I packed up half of the house...half of the towles, half of the sheets, etc... and put everything into storage to make the house look less full. When the house didn't sell we brought everything back and put it in the basement. It all needs to be unpacked. If I could sort out one box a night it would help. I really don't want to move all of this when we do move. There are not enough lights in the basement, thats why I don't go down and sort the boxes there.

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