Saturday, December 3, 2011

9/11/11 open house and birthday's...

Beth's open house was fun. We met almost all of her teachers, one was out. Almost every time that we go for an event there, they are giving out popcorn. We stayed a short time in each class. School had only just started, so they were group meetings.
Maggie's birthday was fun. She is 16 now but says that she doesn't feel any older. My mom and my brother came over for the party. We had spaghetti and garlic bread. Maggie doesn't like cake so we had pie and ice cream. She got her books and she wanted a Bible. After the party she asked if she could take the Bible back and get a high school one, instead of an adult one. We exchanged it on a different day. We measured everyone, including the cat on the measuring stick and recorded Maggie's new height. She has grown some. William is taller than the 6 foot stick, so we put his mark on the bottom of the board by whatever amount he is taller than the board.
Now that Maggie is 16, she can have her ears pierced, wear make-up, within reason, and get her learners permit. She says that she isn't ready for pierced ears, or to wear make-up. At first she said that she would get her permit, but now she says that she will wait for Christmas break to study.

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