Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Sunday 12/11/11 cont. Christmas cards and haircuts...

I need to finish writing the Christmas cards and send them out today. We have already started getting cards from other people. We are sending out the picture of the kids in front of the tree.
We went out yesterday and got haircuts. William likes his hair really short, but still long enough that he isn't shaved, or asked if he is in the military. His was so long that it was starting to curl up around his neck. Maggie's hair is about waist long. She got an inch or two taken off. Beth's hair is between shoulder length and waist length. She got about an inch taken off. She also got her bangs cut. The style today is that the girls have bangs that hang in their faces. Beth get her bangs cut so that they could be high maintenance...every couple of minutes the bangs fall into her face, and she needs to brush them back. She is really delighted with her high maintenance bangs. I got my hair trimmed.
When the kids got to grade school they were allowed to pick their own hair cut., not their color, just the hair cut. William right away picked a spiky, shaved, cool cut to match the tail that he already had growing. We got gel to hold the spikes up. It didn't work. The spikes fell. It didn't matter if we gelled them when the hair was wet or dry, or at night or in the morning. We used a little gel. The next time we used more. We asked people for advice. The spikes wouldn't stay up. After about two weeks, the shaved parts on the sides grew out and no one could tell that they had been saved. He said that he wanted to go back and get a regular cut. He has had conservative cuts since then. He had his tail until high school. Then he said that it was too much of a bother, so he had it cut off.

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