Sunday, December 18, 2011

Wednesday 11/20/11 Beth's birthday, Thanksgiving...

We had Beth's birthday after the birthday date. She couldn't decide what she wanted for a present or even what store to look in. We tried to wait for her to decide, but we couldn't wait too long because we wanted to have her birthday before Thanksgiving. Beth likes cake and ice cream. We didn't measure the cat again.
Thanksgiving was fun. The day before we cleaned the house. One person vacuumed, one cleaned the bathrooms, one swept and mopped the floors and one did clean-up of all of the little things that needed to be put away. Two years ago on thanksgiving, when grandma and my brother came over,the whole meal was done and on the table. We all sat down and ate. It seemed wrong not to have any time together getting the meal to the table. Last year we didn't have anything done. The night before Thanksgiving we were still setting up the new chicken coop. When they arrived we had to finish up everything. Not good either. This year was better. I planned for the mashed potatoes and the deviled eggs to still need to be done after they arrived. We also had to put all of the other dishes onto serving plates and bake the biscuits. There was a lot for us to do, but it was fun. The kids took turns using the blender on the mashed potatoes, and we spent a lot of time saying to people "did you put a dish-up spoon in that?"

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