Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Wednesday 8/3/11 Yard work, garden start-up and homework...

Last weekend William trimmed the hedges in front of the house. They look so nice when William cuts them. When I try, they look like eye brows. The girls cut the grass. Maggie cut the front yard and Beth cut the back. This was the first time that they had cut it. When we first bought the house we had an old-time lawn mower, a push mower with no motor. It might be called a reel mower. The girls were too short to push it. When we got a new one...with a motor (because we can't find anyone in town to sharpen the blades on the first one)...William and I mowed the grass. All three kids did a great job.----- I started the garden. The first layer on the grass is newspaper...to kill the grass, I put sticks on the paper so it wouldn't blow away. I planted some parsley, carrots and a few other plants. Not many plants, but a start. As we get more plants, they can go in, and when the compost is ready it can replace the sticks. I know that it is late in the year to start a garden, but the kids and I built a hoop house (framework for a greenhouse made of PVC (plastic) pipe) last summer and it can go over the garden when it gets cold out. School starts soon.----- Maggie is finishing her summer homework. She had to read three books, listen to three songs and watch three movies from the teachers list of choices. Then she needed to write a short paper on each one. She still needs to watch two movies. Tonight we all watched "13 Days". It was about President Kennedy and the Cuban Miscle Crisis.

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