Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tuesday evening 8/16/11 Fall cleaning, first day of school and bent computer screens...

We got everything done today except for having Lizzy pulling the car in the driveway and me calling the church. I called the church, but the pastor is on a mission trip and will be back in another week.-----We started fall cleaning today. We have a lot to take to Goodwill, the resale book store or throw away. It feels good to do deep cleaning. -----Maggie's first day of school went well. Her best friend was there. The kids had placement tests and talks about being polite in their college classes. They had pizza and bottled water for lunch. They could buy ice cream to support one of the clubs.-----Maggie saw a lot of her old friends and talked to two freshmen. She also got her schedule. That was a big relief to her. She really wanted to see what her classes were.-----William is ordering a computer screen for his laptop from E-Bay. He will know tomorrow if he won the item. His screen is cracked ...bent.... he is able to take his screen off of his laptop and put a new one on.

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