Monday, September 19, 2011

Tuesday 8/16/11 Starting school, todays schedule and calling the old church...

Maggie went to her first day of school today. They didn't have classes, but had standardized testing. Maybe this is placement testing. There weren't any parents there so I came home. If there had been a chance for some parent volunteer hours, I would have stayed. Maggie looked very comfortable with her friends.-----Our turnips have sprouted. -----Today we need to get William's allergy shot and get him a calculator for school, pick up Maggie from school and get Beth some safety glasses for school.-----I need to call the old church today and tell them that we are going to go to another church. I am not looking forward to calling. I need to call the Pastor and call someone from my Bible study. I don't want to call, but if I do it today, then I can stop thinking about it.

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