Friday, September 23, 2011

Thursday 8/25/11 Second day of school, festivals and computer screens...

Beth had her second day of school today. She had fun. They did projects, had to crawl through a string wall without touching the string and do a PowerPoint presentation about their group of four students. When school starts, they will not have classes for a few days, or maybe a week. All of the grades will be there...9th - 12th grade. They will be in groups of one student from each grade. They will do a project together. Starting school this way helps the freshmen to get used to their classmates and the school first, then to get used to all of the other students. The principal said that it cuts down on hazing of freshmen.-----Maggie has been in school for about a week. She isn't getting the piles of homework yet so we are trying to do a cultural event. This weekend we are going to the German-American Festival.-----William got his new computer screen. He took the whole computer apart and showed us how it worked and what it looked like inside. He did this at the dining room table. There were a lot more pieces than I thought that there would be.

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