Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday 9/9/11 Hi I'm back...

Hi, I'm back. I have missed blogging. There are entries in my journal that I would like to share. The entries start from July of this year. Since my last post, William is in college, taking programming, Maggie is in Early College High school. She is a Sophomore, but they have two years of high school, with a few college classes, then the last two years are all at the college. The classes move pretty fast. This school isn't looking for the brightest kids in town...even though she is bright..., they want the kids who could pass college if they got a chance to go...but maybe English is their second language, or their parents didn't go to college, or they are poor, etc....She is really happy there. We are all holding our breath waiting for all of the homework to start being assigned. Beth just started high school. I didn't want her in a public high school, I think that they are too rough. She is in a charter school, which is really part of the public school it is free. This school studies engineering. She had wanted to go to the performing arts charter high school, but we couldn't find her standardized test scores from grade school, and the school filled all of their spots. She likes it there. -----We have three chickens that I call "Millie", "Hattie" and "Nettie". The kids call the "Breakfast", "Lunch" and "Dinner".

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