Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sunday 8/7/11 Choosing seeds and changing churches...

We need to plant the garden this weekend. Today we choose which seeds to plant. There are too many choices, so all of them can't go in. We want to switch churches. This is a painful decision. The kids and I have been going to another church for a few months, along with going to our current church. We all like the new church better. We fit in better. The current church is a traditional church, with most of the congretation coming from that area...we drive across town to get to it. It is in the area that I went to high school in. We are from another area...the kids don't go to the same schools, so they may have different holiday days off, and different snow days...and we have just never felt comfortable there. We have been there for about ten years, so we did give it a fair chance. I want to be sure that we are changing because this will be a better place to worship God.

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